PAUL PAGK in Group Show

The Idiosyncratic Pencil Exhibition

Location: Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery
Harper Center for the Arts
Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC
Exhibition dates: January 24 – February 24, 2018
Admission is free and open to the public.
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12-5 PM excluding holidays.


The Idiosyncratic Pencil is an experimental group exhibition inspired by both the Fluxus art movement of the 1960s and William Henry Fox Talbot’s groundbreaking 1844 The Pencil of Nature, each a radical break from past methods of art production.

As today’s instruments of meaningful articulation and expression are undergoing an equally dramatic reassessment, The Idiosyncratic Pencil will explore the early 21st Century artist’s response to the rapidly evolving nature of image making in this breakneck, feverish, media-saturated, and over-stimulated epoch.

Over fifty national and international artists will participate with original works contained within (or a product of) a digital image format. The images, of greatly varied disposition (representation, abstraction, concept, line, photograph, text, repurpose) are either improvisational variants of their ongoing body of work, products of their individual processes, or a visual membrane of sorts between their artistic practice and the world around us.

The exhibition works were emailed to Harper Gallery, where they were finely printed on 11 by 8.5 inch photo quality archival inkjet paper.


The Idiosyncratic Pencil Exhibition 
Including unique works by the following artists (57):

Ky Anderson  Rosaire Appel  Emily Auchincloss
Susan Bee  Katrina Bello Michelle Benoit  
Emily Berger  Patrick Berran Pascal Blanchard 
Janet Bolletto  BomP  Michael Brennan  Mark Brosseau 
Sharon Butler  Jacob Cartwright  Mary F. Coats  
Holly Crawford  Dan Devening  Mel Dewees 
Dawn Martin Dickins  Jane Dickson  Brian Edmonds  
Hasan Elahi  Russell Floersch  Lorenzo Gattorna  
Emily Hass  Sue Hettmansperger  Jesse Hickman  
Daniel Hill  Amy Jenkins Jeffrey Cortland Jones  
Celia Johnson  Bonny Leibowitz  Linda Mary Montano  
Bascha Mon  Richard Neal  Julia Oldham  Simon Oud 
Paul Pagk  Gelah Penn  Christopher Rico  Judy Rifka  
John Roach  Matthew Rose  Tullio DeSantis 
Kenny Schachter  Manuel Schmettau  Susan Shup  
Suzan Shutan  Ann Stoddard  Sarah Stolar 
Samantha Swann Wilma Vissers  Joan Waltemath  
Ken Weathersby  Steve West  Sally Webster