Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery | ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN, PASADENA CA |  October 11, 2016 – January 22, 2017


To the best of our knowledge – is never a

phrase frozen in time. It’s like asking for ten

percent of eternity, a fraction of infinity

being the same as all of infinity. What is

knowable keeps stretching out, and so does

our best of it, and it always summons the


that there’s


else . . . and

then more.

Fractal-like, what we know drills down to reveal more places to

drill down. It’s exhausting. Knowledge is the minuend – to our best

of it, the subtrahend. Uncertainty quivers in the difference.

For millennia humans have sought to acquire and cling to

the comforts of certainty, while at the same time it was our

uncertainties that sparked imaginations, instincts, hunches,

intuitions, creativities, and curiosities that advanced the knowledge

of who we are. Through art and artifacts drawn from the

domains of science and art, the exhibition will puzzle over

and celebrate our oddball relationship with the notion of




UNCERTAINTY is a science-meets-art exhibit that will include work by nine artists/scientists. The

artworks and scienceworks selected for the exhibition all have an element of mystery or are/were

at the vanguard of new scientific knowledge. They're meant to symbolize how a scientific search for

knowledge is never complete and that the principle of provisional knowledge is essential to not

only a practice of science but also to the poetic of being a human seeker. The spirit of the exhibition

is that such uncertainty is a positive and powerful sensation that activates curiosity, discovery, and

perseverance, even though it is something stereotypically avoided.


The artists/scientists in the exhibition include:


Jonathan Corum (artist, science graphics editor, NYTimes; Kepler Exoplanets kinetic graphic,

site-specific data visualization)


Jim Campbell (artist, electrical engineer 􀀀 ultra low-res visual perception pieces)


Owen Schuh (artist, working with mathematics)


Lia Halloran (artist, cosmic phenomena-based paintings)


Marc Fichou (artist, math/morphology-based assemblages)


Don Glaser (scientist, Nobel Laureate physicist 􀀀 deceased, will show sketches and notebooks

from the Caltech Archives)


Christopher O1Leary (artist, Black (W)hole Animation)


Edward Tufte (scientist, artist, Feynman Diagram sculptures, data visualization)


Tom McCauley (scientist, CERN Switzerland 􀀀 video of particle collision leading to Boson

discovery, CERN collider, data vis)