In the last hour of this show the paintings are going to be swept off the walls with song. Some weeks ago, a remarkable woman entered the gallery and told the proprietors that the whales in Juliette Dumas’s canvases were singing to her and appealing for her reply. With the gallery’s permission, Ami Yamasaki proceeded to produce music from unexpected depths and cavities that no “natural” singer makes use of, at least not a human one: birdsong and the resonances of the ocean, however, as well as what might be thought of as  extraterrestrial sounds proceeded to emit from this slight Japanese woman. Yamasaki is a sound and installation artist based in Tokyo.  Today also marks the conclusion of a project room exhibition by Stephen Maine.

Pictured: Juliette Dumas, Whale Fluke (Le Grand Bleu), 2018. Clay and gouache on paper mounted on canvas, two panels, total 60 x 144 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Silas von Morisse Gallery

109 Ingraham Street, between Knickerbocker and Porter avenues, Bushwick,