AMA Art Media Agency

New York, 17 April 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Silas Shabelewska-von Morisse has opened a new space in Brooklyn, entitled ART 3. Dedicated to emerging artists, the programme of upcoming exhibitions is to be announced in May 2014.

Before embarking upon the project, Silas Shabelewska-von Morisse gained experience with a wide variety of prestigious institutions, including: Haunch of Venison, Helly Nahmad Gallery, and Waterhouse & Dodd. The name of the gallery, ART 3, is a reference to the three key players in the art world: the artist, the director (gallerist, curator and trader) as well as the collector.

In a conversation with Art Media Agency, Silas Shabelewska-von Morisse gave an insight into what motivates her: “After my extensive experience in the art world, I felt it was the right time now to bring to life my passion for contemporary art and mostly my passion for artists. At Haunch of Venison what I loved the most was the contact with the artists and seeing them prepare their exhibitions — among these were: Chiharu Shiota, Ahmed Alsoudani and Gunther Uecker. I have always had a passion for artists and I love to discover and promote them. So the motivation was always there and the timing is now.”