New Paintings by Paul D'Agostino

Opening Sunday September 17, 3 - 5 PM

September 13 – October 29, 2017

Severalfold Souls features a selection of recent paintings from Paul D'Agostino's Chromatic Alphabet series, a large and ever-expanding body of work in which the artist has merged his painting practice with his work as a translator and linguist to create an extensive system of colors and forms that he uses to inscribe paintings with coded yet readily decipherable letters, sounds and words.


This exhibit, D'Agostino's fifth solo show in New York City and first with SILAS VON MORISSE gallery (formerly ART 3 Gallery), has been built around a particular suite of paintings, in oil and acrylic, in which the artist 'depicts' the word 'soul' in eight different languages, making compositional choices that pertain as much to pictorial matters as they do to modes and manners of meaning and pronunciation. 


ARTCRITICAL Linda Karshan and Frauke Schlitz: In Dialogue; Paul D’Agostino: Severalfold Souls