Juliette Dumas

Following her critically acclaimed Whale Flukes Paintings series, Dumas's preoccupation with our environment extends to our blue planet.


The EARTH BREATHES was created during COVID-19 when almost all travel stopped. Dumas wanted to address the fact that for a very short time, the Earth was able to breathe. Hence the title, Spiritus Terra  (La Terre Respire) (The Earth Breathes). The painting was finished on April 22, 2020, just on time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth day.


Dumas used the same technique she applied to her Whale Fluke Paintings,  using pigments and clay because clay is related to the earth and has a primal feel to it, a decision she made after seeing the cave paintings of Lascaux in France. Clay allowed Dumas to sculpt creating layers by mixing pigments, water and earth, adding and subtracting in a process that was extremely physical , literally bathing with the canvases in the water. Creating the surface of a Primal Earth.


Dumas embraces her continued engagement to the Rio Negro Manifesto (created by Pierre Restany in 1978) which is “Art for Nature” and raising Consciousness about Earth and the Natural World through Art.  


(French, b. 1987 in Paris.  Lives and works in Thomery, France)


As an artist whose work is informed by a deep preoccupation about planet earth and our relationship to it, Dumas uses the physical properties of her materials and the dynamics of their interaction, to create poignant metaphors for humanity’s struggle to control the effects of environmental degradation.


Dumas completed her BA at Villa Arson in Nice France and her MFA at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2013. Dumas has been awarded artist residencies at Festival Grandeur Nature, Ristolas, France in 2009 and La Station, Nice in 2015.  She was nominated in 2013 for the Clare Rosen & Samuel Edes Foundation Prize for Emerging Artists by the Painting and Drawing Department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Dumas' work was featured in notable group and solo exhibitions including “Winter Studies” (2015), Kunstverein Gaestezimmer E.V, Stuttgart, Germany (Curated by Alf Setzer);  “Ad Hoc”(2015), La Station, Nice, France (curated by Collectif Culbuto).


Dumas first solo exhibition, SAFE HARBOR took place in 2016 at Silas von Morisse in New York, followed by her critically acclaimed ANGELS in 2018 that presented her lifesize whale fluke paintings. In 2021, the artist presented DELPHIS TALE in a solo exhibiiton in France (see Silas von Morisse Viewing Room). Her next solo exhibition is scheduled for 2022 in France.




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