Alain Kirili

(b. 1946 in Paris, France, Lives and works in New York and Paris)


Alain Kirili is a abstract sculptor of verticality and modeling. His work emphasizes an “aesthetics of spontaneity” and seeks its formal unity through the variety of materials he employs in a quest for “organic simplicity.” The improvisatory energy that is palpable in Kirili's sculpture and drawing is in part inspired by his deep relationship with improvised music.  He has worked on the monumental aspects of sculpture in public spaces (at the campus of the University of Bourgogne in Dijon, in Paris and Grenoble). Alain Kirili was commissioned by the Ministère de la Culture to install the sculpture of the 20th century in the Tuileries in Paris. Most recent exhibition include Sculptures by Alain Kirili in Rodin: The Centennial Exhibition, at the Grand Palais in Paris on view March 22 - July 31, 2017.


"Kirili's art  is worldwide open. He likes meeting other arts and artists and often invites jazz muscians, dancers, poets to perform among his sculptures in his studio, in an art gallery or museum. He uses all kind of materials such as stone, iron, terra cotta, zinc, aluminium, cardboard, resin, wax, polystiren, concrete.... If he could, he would even sculpt clouds."  - Sandra Paugam, Alain Kirili, sculpteur de tous les elements, documentary 52’, 2008, based on an idea from Jean-Paul Fargier Collection « A contre-temps » / Groupegalactica / Production BIX films


Alain Kirili works are in the following selected public collections: Blanton Museum of Art (Austin, TX), The Nasher (Dallas, TX), The Fields - Sculpture Park at Omi Int. Arts Center (Ghent NY), The Museum of Modern Art (New York, NY), The Jewish Museum (New York, NY), The Brooklyn Museum (Brooklyn, NY), Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas, TX), The Morgan Library and Museum (New York, NY) ..


ARTCRITICAL Picasso in 3-D: A Roundtable of Sculptors, with Alain Kirili, Michelle Segre and Rebecca Smith by David Cohen
September 14, 2015- February 07, 2016
THE BROOKLYN RAIL In Conversation: Alain Kirili with Robert C. Morgan
May 2012
ARTCRITICAL RĂ©sistance: Alain Kirili's Monument in Grenoble
May 8, 2011